itead openPCBs

28 07 2011

I received my itead PCB order today (sent jul 12, shipped jul 17). Since I decided to share all three designs (open PCB), I received some interesting boards in return.


AVR based game console.

Op-amp testing board (

Schematic, board, and parts info can be found on his page.

Bluetooth/SD breakout board (no link):

– HC-05/06 bluetooth module
– RFM22B transceiver
– MicroSD card socket

Liquidcrystal LCD bluetooth module (no link):

Keyswitch board (no link):

It looks like multiple boards can be joined together to form a larger key area. Would be cool to see what this was used for (midi?).
Uses cherry MX style switch footprints, I had some spares as you can see (MX1A-11NN).

Mini interconnect boards (




One response

5 08 2011

Love this idea, I never thought of sharing which boards I had recieved from the Open PCB program itead do and showing just what projects people are working on out there.

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